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Communication is such fundamental part of our daily existence but most of us  rarely stop to evaluate our effectiveness. Today’s post is a short discussion and a marvelous (20min) video lecture I came across about the subtleties of communication – I hope you take some time to watch it.

Whether in relationships or clinical practice the reciprocal action of absorbing and transmitting information is how we communicate with the world. In case you think I’ve gone off the deep-end you can rest assured I have no intention of delving into the mysterious world of relationships – there are any amount of agony aunts for that and I’ll leave it to them.

However, following a recent internet  physiotherapy forum discussion ( I’ll share those details in another post)  I got into a fairly “robust” exchange about the importance of patient satisfaction and outcomes. I have written about this issue previously in the patients perspective.

We got into evidence based practice, science based practice, outcome measures, research methodology, clinical intervention and the whole “clinical Guru” syndrome. Anyhow the bone of  contention was that patient satisfaction was not a significant predictor of outcome. From our previous discussion on physiotherapy representation in court and  regular issues which surface in practice management of patient disgruntlement my experience would suggest the complete opposite of the research.

Watch the video to see the subtly of emphasis in communication demonstrated so vividly. You don’t need to be a classical music buff to appreciate the message. I wonder how research can integrate these finer points which I believe are so integral to the therapist /patient relationship and have to be acknowledged as either profoundly therapeutic or adversely catastrophic – depending on the quality of communication.

A Thought  On Words…..

Words matter. There are no neuter words. The words we use either bring us closer together or farther apart.” Words are messages communicating meaning.   Have you ever had your words (message) get lost (meaning) in translation? Words reflect the way we are being in the world.

A famous athletic coach once said, “I have to come up with a thousand different ways to tell you guys the same fundamental things, over and over again.

In keeping with the musical theme think about the character of your communication. Does it foster collaboration and connection? Does it create either a cacophony or a symphony. It is both our actions and more precisely our interactions that create our perspective view of the world.

In today’s video Benjamin Zander, the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic and lectures around the world on the power of communication and how we occur to people and how they respond to us . His conversations distinguish two very different ways to communicate with the world. The first is a downward spiraling conversation. We are all familiar with these conversations. The enlightened person is able to realize when they are authoring one, stop and shift mid-sentence. The “shift” is into a conversation that radiates possibility. Possibility is the realm where imagination, creativity and passion emanate.   Possibility elevates your game and your performance. Is it in you?

Mastering interactions (relationships) in today’s  world involves an effective use of language and listening.

Where do you think communication can breakdown?

How do you think we can avoid the typical pitfalls?

Can we retrieve a situation of mis-communication?

Let us know your thoughts

Enjoy the clinical challenge.


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