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Following on from last weeks discussion on Cognitive Functional Therapy (CFT) today’s post is an interview  with Professor Peter O’Sullivan discussing the origins of the CFT system and how this approach is so helpful to  “frontline” clinicians.

The discussion speaks for itself and is a summary of 3 days information.

What I find so refreshing about this approach is that practical strategies for identifying components of the pain experience are identified together with solutions tailored to the individual.

The message loud and clear was the onus on clinicians to provide a viable alternative to existing failed management strategies – on a case by case basis.

Most importantly this is not a passive approach (in the philosophical sense rather than manual therapy) but will involve challenging distorted beliefs or pain behaviors. This is the issue I feel we have neglected as clinicians but it is personally challenging, uncomfortable for both parties and requires significant communication skills which are not part of our core training. However, we cannot take refuge in education system failures, mythical professional boundaries or any other excuse we may find to avoid these uncomfortable clinical realities. Harsh but true.

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