Mobilisation with Movement

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Wow, 2 big hitters in a  week! Professor Peter O’Sullivan last week and Professor Bill Vicenzino this week. All that on top of the Queen, Barak Obama and Leinster winning rugby’s Heineken Cup European final. Enough said about Jedward.

I caught up with Professor Bill Vicenzino to talk about his new book “Mobilisation with Movement” and explore more of his thoughts on Tennis elbow treatment.

Bill is prolific publisher and has added greatly to clinical management of chronic elbow pain. We discussed some of his ideas in  previous posts.

Today’s interview discusses these concepts in detail together with a review his new book  “Mobilisation with Movement” which is destined to become a core text of the manual therapy library.

Click in the link below to hear the interview. (30min)

Treat yourself  get hold of a copy – or put it on the birthday wish list.

Enjoy the clinical challenge


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3 Responses to “Mobilisation with Movement”
  1. dimitrios frydas says:

    what’s the tile of Peter O’Sullivan’s new book??

    • Peter doesn’t have a new book (unless something has changed in the 6 weeks since we talked). Are you confusing him with Bill Vicenzino?


  2. After reading so many of his articles, great to hear Bill’s voice!

    In case others have tried to get hold of his book, in vain: I’ve just called Elsevier & they say it’s been re-ordered and will be avaialable from August 4th (hopefully). Must have sold like hot-cakes!


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