About Us

Hello, David Fitzgerald here, your PhysioDigest host.

Our goal is to provide a community for clinicians to discuss clinical issues with other care providers working in musculoskeletal rehabilitation. It will not replace the need for “hands-on” technique based courses but will provide a forum for information exchange and a chance to get input from expert clinicians

As a Chartered Physiotherapist and practicing clinician for over 20 years my initial training was in mechanical engineering. I became fascinated and enthralled by the function of the human body and subsequently dedicated myself to exploring its secrets. This endeavor has provided the opportunity to treat people with a wide variety of musculoskeletal problems and remains my passion and privilege to this day. This journey has passed through many varied fields of education from basic science, manipulative therapies, orthopaedics, neurology, physical medicine, anaethesiology , therapeutic exercise, pain management, occupational medicine, sports injuries and clinical psychology – and remains a enduring pursuit to this day.

Throughout this time there has been heavy involvement in post-graduate teaching programs in Physiotherapy, General Practice, Occupational medicine, Pain management and Sports Rehabilitation both domestically and internationally together with regular public education commitments .

I have had the privilege of working or studying with many highly regarded international experts in the field of physical rehabilitation (Lewitt, Janda, Maitland, Melzak, Wall, Elvey, Zusman, Edwards, Singer, Butler, Bogduk, Wells, Gifford, Hodges, Jull, Sarhmann, Lee, Mossley, O’Sullivan…) and am deeply indebted to them and many others for the input which has profoundly shaped my views.

The passion to understand human function remains my primary guiding force to this day and I hope this passion/obsession can be usefully distilled to provide applicable, relevant content for clinicians with the ultimate aim of improving the lives of patients who trust in us – surely our ultimate goal and privilege.



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