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Cognitive Functional Therapy

May 4, 2011 by   Print
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In today’s post I want to feedback on a three-day workshop I just completed with Prof. Peter O’Sullivan,... 

Core Stability & Functional Movement

November 11, 2009 by   Print
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Integrating core stability into functional movement has long been one of those un-talked about subjects where the assumption is that prerequisite loading in other non-functional... 

Lessons From Elite Sport – the All Blacks

October 14, 2009 by   Print
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Long post today… I’ve just had the great pleasure of listening and speaking with legendary All-Black rugby captain Sean Fitzpatrick. See: for Sean... 

Psychosocial Social Concepts in Primary Care – 10 Tips for practical application.

October 7, 2009 by   Print
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As clinicians we have been bombarded with research outlining the important role of psychosocial issues in clinical outcomes.  I have often wondered why these models have been applied... 

Hamstring Strains and Core Stability

September 16, 2009 by   Print
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The link between hamstring strains and poor core stability is frequently casually referred to in rehabilitation and strengthening conditioning literature.  In fact it appears that... 

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